Travel with your dog when the school gets out

Summer rest with our dog

As school gets out and the weather warms up, most of us are beginning to think about taking off on our yearly getaway.  However, summertime is also the season to consider what effects these excursions have on our loyal canine companions.  Most dog-lovers can’t bear the thought of leaving our closest furry friends behind, even for a four-star Carib

bean Cruise, but on the occasion that it is necessary, we need to ensure that our little (or big) buddies are in the best hands possible.

Fortunately for animal-lovers like us, more and more places are adding “Dog Friendly” to their lists of services and accommodations.  A quick search on of hotels, motels, campgrounds, and RV parks, delivers all the information you’ll need to ensure that your canine pal will rightly be sleeping next to you all summer long.  Whether you are flying or driving, this much-welcomed accommodation gets your dogs where they should be this summer: by your side.  Before you go out of town with your four-legged buddies, always remember to look up animal hospitals and veterinarians at your destination on  in case of an emergency.

Pet sitters are another option for dog-loving vacationers to explore.  Dog-sitting is always much better for your pups when the sitter is able to stay at your residence.  This preserves your pooch’s routine as much as possible.  However, if your precious pets must be moved to a new abode, be sure to pack a personal bed, blanket, or toy to take with them as a source of familiarity and comfort.

If your hotel doesn’t allow pets, and if you don’t know (or trust) anyone to look after your dog, there is still another option that is quickly gaining popularity for canine devotees: the Doggy Hotel.

We are very pleased to see this pet-friendly service gaining popularity.  After all, why should our loyal companions endure confined spaces and lonely days while we are out sightseeing and sunbathing?  The truth is most pets have a difficult enough time getting along without their best two-legged friends.  These hotels are a great way to provide them with the affection they have grown accustomed to living with you.  The attention they receive at these hotels show your precious companions how much you think of them, even while you aren’t around.

Animal Communicator Faye Pietrokowsky also offers some great tips on how to handle traveling without your pooch.  Her unique approach as an animal communicator allows her to incorporate your dogs’ perspective on these momentary separations as well.

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