Shcool Races

Comprehensive school fell by the registrations. “Our image does not correspond to reality,” says the director.

After last week the Comprehensive schooln in the city had opened to the parents of the present fourth graders. 58 registrations – these are just two classes, the year in the summer should start five-day, 140 places are to be given.

“Of course, we are shocked after these figures,” says Headmaster Howdy Keller. Their own results were all the more frightening as the registrations for the Comprehensive schooln were again a complete success. The parents of every fourth child would like to see their new generation being accommodated in this school form, more than 100 will not be accepted. But the popularity is unequally distributed. While some locations, such as the Frida-Levy-Comprehensive school in the inner city or the Gustav-Heinemann-Comprehensive school in Schonnebeck, were hardly able to save themselves from applicants and the figures also rose everywhere or at least stagnated, the interest in the Erich Kästner Comprehensive school went In Steele, and dramatically decreased at the Comprehensive school in Vogelheim.

Difficult student structure as a reason

What’s the matter? Howdy Keller makes no secret that the school has a bad reputation – unjustly, as he finds. “There seems to be a considerable imbalance between image and reality.” Even in the immediate environment, the school can not really score points – it would be dependent on the children from the neighborhood. With nearly 6,000 inhabitants, Vogelheim is one of the less densely populated districts of Essen. “It hurts when children, who live in principle on the other side of the road, first be registered elsewhere.”


Hope for the second round

Measured at this initial situation, the school is quite successful, finds Keller. Half of the students achieved an intermediate school diploma in class 10, while 25 to 30 went to the grammar school. He refers to a number of projects and funding programs, such as in the German area. He reports on the part of the district festival, where the school was intensively involved, and on close contact with the primary schools, which would be further strengthened. “We will not accept the fact that a false picture is the result of one-off events.”

Finally, Keller and his colleagues also have the fate of the Comprehensive school Süd, which runs out of lack of applications. Are they afraid that if they do not stop the downtrend? “Of course, we are afraid of these figures, so we must not let go.”

The registration numbers at the Comprehensive school did not meet expectations before, but this time the burglary was especially violent. As of the school year 2012/13, 94 children were enrolled, now there were 58. On the other hand, there are 140 places in five classes. Headmaster Howdy Keller is nevertheless confident that “we will start full occupation in summer”. Many parents would not have given the overall school North as their first, but as a second or third grade.

Their parents obviously want to avoid a school whose student structure is difficult and “rather untypical for a comprehensive school”, says Keller. About 70 percent of the five-year-olds have only one recommendation for the main school, the other 30 percent for the real school. With Abitur-Ambiotionen hardly anyone here. Approximately 70 percent of the students have a migration background, 40 to 45 percent are from families living with Hartz IV.