School Projects

Animal Education

European animal welfare education is almost always shaped by adults. That is why it is high time to let children and young people get their say. This idea was the cornerstone of the European school project “Pupils make a wish for animals”, which the association carried out in 2013. Through the Europe-wide network of “Animal Protection Schools”, we were able to win teachers from five European countries who took part in the project with their students. The children from Europe wrote us and drawn what they wanted for the welfare of the animals. From a selection of them a colorful poster emerged – as
a light sight and vision of the future animal welfare education! For where there are desires, there are also ways open up! We would like to t
hank the participants from Italy, Sweden, Slovenia, Spain and Austria and wish them a lot of fun with the children’s touching wishes for the animals. It would be nice if we paid more attention to the wishes of the children in the future and put them into reality.