Teenagers in the 1960s

Nearly all teenagers liked to read not like now and they also like going to the theatre and going out with friend, although some were not allowed to.

The majority enjoy going to school.

The majority had a good relationship with their parents, but some didnít.

They could stay out until 8:30 p.m. more or less

Most people said they used to travel.

Boys didn't wear earrings yet.

And nobody said they have ever done anything they regret.

Teenagers in the 1970s

Nearly everybody said that their hobbies were practicing sports, like football.

They did not like school because it was very strict, and they did not go out with friends.

Their relationship with their parents was normal.

The majority did not go out so they did not have any time to return home. Some people traveled and some didn't. Boys did not wear earrings.

No one has said they regret anything.