Communication in the 1960's

People in the 1960's communicated with each other mainly by telephone and through letters. Nearly everyone had telephones. Some of the people communicated by letters. Very few people had a television. The majority had between 1 and 2 channels. Half of the people say there were a lot of different newspaper and the other half say there was only one newspaper. Most of the people say there were postmen who traveled from town to town. Everyone agrees that there were no computers. They also say there were very few mobile phones. Nearly everyone had a radio. Nobody had a beeper.

Communication in the 1970's

The majority of the people used to communicate by sending letters or phoning their friends.

Everybody had a telephone, and they used it a lot.

Everybody we interviewed had a television, one of them even had a color television.

Most people said they had from one to three channels except for one who says had six.

Most people say they had one newspaper but some of them say that there were 2 or even more.

Of all the people we interviewed, nobody had a computer, only three people say they had a mobile phone and only one had a beeper. Everyone had a radio.