Education in the 1960's

Education from the 1960 to the 1970 was more difficult than now. It was also very strict and religious. Girls studied separated from boys. The teachers were very strict, much more than now. The relationships between teachers and students were good, but very respectful. In the majority of schools they wore a uniform and they usually didn't sleep there, they slept at home. They had holidays in Christmas, Easter and summer, just like now. Normally school started at 9:00, at 1:30 they had lunch at home and at 3:00 they returned to school. They finished the lessons at 5:00. The lessons that students enjoyed the most were history and maths.

In the school they had a lot of friends but they nearly never got in trouble. When school finished they all went to university.

Education in the 1970's

Education was strict and hard, teachers were very serious and gave corporal punishment to students. But the relation between students and teachers was good because students had a lot of respect to their teachers. A lot of pupils wore school uniform, but there were some that didnít. Young pupils didnít sleep at school, and there rarely were nuns in schools. Holidays were like our days, Christmas, Summer etc. but at current weekends they only had Saturdays and Sundays free. A lot of pupils started school at 9:00a.m. and finished at 6:00p.m. but some had free time for lunch, and only few finished at lunch time. Pupils ate at school, but there were some who ate at home. Nearly all were not mixed, ones for boys, and others for girls. Maths, history, and Geography were some of the favorite subjects, but obviously, the best one was gym (as always). Science and language were the subjects which liked the least. Pupils had a lot of school friends, and they normally didnít get into trouble because punishment was severe. Finally everybody finished in the university learning a specific job...