The shoe in the window

Most kids believe in Santa Claus. They believe, that if they put their shoe in the window 13 nights before Christmas, then Santa Claus will come and put something in it. They believe that if they behave well, he will put some candy or toys, but if they behave bad they will get an old potatoe.

They are very excited the first morning if they get something good or just a potatoe.They know that if they get a potatoe they haven't behaved well enough.

When our mom and dad were young, kids used their ordinary shoes to put in the window, but to day most children make a paper-shoe for this purpose.

In the old days it was said that the elves stole the shoes instead of putting something in it. That didn't make children in those days very happy.

The Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree came to the Nordic countries about 1800. At the beginning it was only common in cities and at wealthy peoples homes. Later it became common in the country too.

In Iceland the first Christmas trees were seen about 1850, specially at Danish families homes. It was also to be seen at peoples homes who had studied in Denmark. Christmas trees weren't common in Iceland until after 1900.

Today there is a Christmas tree in almost every home in Iceland.

Some are artificial and some are real. They are of all sizes. We decorate the tree with all kind of things. We use bells, balls, stars, popcorn, lights, etc.

At Christmas parties we dance a round the Christmas tree.