Hi everybody!

I want to tell you about Corrientes' Carnival.


Every year in the month of February a great carnival is celebrated where big and small processions participate; one of the big
processions are: Ara Bera.

This year I took part, for the first time, in one which is called "Araberacitos", I played the "timbaleta" (little kettledrum) in the "Escuela de Samba" (School of Samba) ; and also my sister who is 10 years old, Maria Antonella,  danced in a group that represented the Winds in the story that was the topic of the children's procession.

The other procession that competes with Ara Bera is called "Sapukay".

Each one of these processions choose a topic; for example this year Ara
Bera presented "Black America" and Araberacitos "A Galactic Adventure."

The processions parade for two weekends along the 3rd April Avenue, which, during those days becomes a great stage with
tribunes and boxes. Also the processions about which I am telling you make a show where they represent their topics.

We, for this, rehearsed a great deal beforehand and  in our house grandmothers, mothers, siblings and other family and friends embroidered the suits that   "comparseros" (people who dance in these
processions) wear.

  I liked very much to have taken part in the procession, I enjoyed it and I want to continue entering so that the carnival never dies because it is a popular festival.

Greetings to all.
Sebastian Matias Celia
11 years old.

I want to tell you what  the names of the processions  "Ará Berá" mean.
It is in Güaraní language.

Ará Berá:  the meaning is:  ray, lightning. Its symbol is the flash of lightning.

Sapukay: scream, it could be of happiness (or sometimes of anger). Its symbol is a rooster because the cry, the "sapukay", is like the crow of the rooster, lengthened, it leaves from inside.

I also forgot  to say  that this year,  the best one won:

ARA BERA!!!!!!

I copy a little bit  the march of Ará Berá:

  A river of beauty, of grace and of color,
is already spilling out for the whole avenue
it is the procession, the most "carnavalera",
  the one that contaminate to all its rhythm and splendor.

  Ará Berá, Ará Berá,
  lightning that lights the tropical night
  Ará Berá, Ará Berá,
  it is the best procession of our carnival.

  Did you like?