European countries

European countries

European school project In Sigmaringen, representatives from a number of European countries have come to a kick-off event in the commercial, nutritional and social sciences school in order to achieve a multilateral school project to save energy Students, teachers and the school management of the commercial, nutritional and social sciences school recently welcomed very special guests in the school. At the start of the Comenius project, the coordinators of schools from Bulgaria, France, Great Britain, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain, the Czech Republic and Turkey came to Sigmaringen to discuss the progress of the project Multilateral school project of the European Union. This was shared by the school. Over the next two years there will be an intensive exchange between pupils from the twelve countries. The students of the participating schools are concerned with special topics, starting with the overarching question of how Europe’s development can be sustained. The Sigmaringen students are to develop proposals for the reduction of energy consumption in public buildings such as schools. On an internet platform, students have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the students of other countries on their topics. In addition, each school will hold a national conference, to which pupils and teachers from the other countries are invited. Thus, in the sense of the Comenius program, Europe is directly experienced in teaching. English teacher Heike Friedrich, headmaster Klaus A. Peter and Rolf Vögtle, first district officer of Sigmaringen, welcomed the guests in short speeches. The headmaster emphasized that he was proud that the project in Sigmaringen had its start. After all, it was not a matter of course.

Coordinated by Heike Friedrich, the GES had sought a partner for participation in the project in a lengthy application procedure, which was finally approved by the Educational Exchange Service of the Standing Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs. As a representative of the county, Rolf Vöglte welcomed the European guests, highlighting the significance of the project theme, particularly for the county. Students of the GES framed the greeting musically and gave each guest his personal name tag with the respective country flag.


As the lead coordinator of the project, Lindsey Shaw from Great Britain was pleased to be in Sigmaringen. If one of the words were missing, then one must let his feelings speak, said Shaw. And his enthusiasm for this cross-border project, which could bring several thousand pupils across Europe, did not escape those who could not always follow his fast, British English


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